Lighting Gear

Lighting Controllers

2 NSI 24/48 mc Console

ADJ Operator

Elation Scene Setter

NSI 16 Channel Microplex Board



4 CM Lodestar Chain Motors

24x32 Foot 20 Foot High, With Truss Towers and Cable Motors

30 Sections of 32" High 4x8 Foot Wenger Staging

32 Sections of 48" High 4x8 Foot Wenger Staging

2 Sound Towers 10x12 Foot with Scrims and Roof

2 Sound Towers 6x8 Foot with Scrims and Roof

60 3x3 Foot Sico Oak Dance Floor

120 Par 64 cans

26 American DJ LED Par 64

10 American DJ LED Par 36

5 Mighty Scans

4 DJ Spots

6 Elation Platinum Beam 5R Extreme

6 Elation Powerspot 250

2 Autospots

2 Ultrascan



Revo 3


Galaxian sky

Galaxian Royal

Cyc Lights

Strobes (110v and 220v)

Martin Atomic 3000 (110v)

Emerald Scan Laser

Galaxian Move Laser

2 Altman Comet Spots

20 Color changing spots

4 Lekos

60 Feet of 2x2 Box Truss

60 Feet of ETC Tri Truss

30 Feet of Global Truss Tower Truss

11 Double Hung Thomas Drop Truss

60 Feet of 22" Aluminum Tri Truss

60 Feet of I Beam Truss

10 Led Headbangers


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