Grund Gala 2021 line array

6-210's & 2 horns, 2-215's, 6-218's on each side in sound towers


The full 4 way system without towers

30 cabinets in all.


Setting up for the Tyler Farr concert in an arena

Sound Gear

Avid SC48 Console 

Yamaha PM 5d 52 Channels Console

Behringer X32 Digital Mixing Console

Behringer Producer digital Console & ear rack
2 Ramsa 840 Consoles
Mackie 32 Channel Recording Console

Behringer 32 Channel Eurodesk Console

QSC Power

12 215 Cabs with 2" horn

2 112 Cabs with 1" horn

24 18 inch Subs

Yamaha MC3210 Monitor Console

112 Grund Audio Gala Line Array, With Subs

8 115 and 1" Horn Grund Wedges

8 112 and 1" Horn Wedges

2 Renkus Heinz 212 Monitors

8 Mackie Industrial powered cabs

8 Crate SPA 1400C Amps with Active Crossover KLAARK

Technic House EQ Rane Dual 31 Band EQ

8 Drawmer Gates

8 DBX Comps

8 Alesis Compressors

8 Behringer Gates

2 SPX 990 Effect Units

1 SPX 90 Effect Units

TC Electronics D2 Effect Unit

Roland SDE 300 Delay

ADA 2FX Digital Delay

2 Yamaha REV 100 Effects Units

MIDI Verb 2

CD Player in House and Monitor Racks

DOD Analyzer in Both Monitor and Mains

2 BBE 4x8 Speaker Management System

2 Grund Speaker processors

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